Welcome to the inaugural post for  F8 and Be There…..the phrase seems so old school now. But back in the day, press photographers, photojournalists, and we media folks often lived by those words. What was most important is that we were there, we were present to capture that one moment that defined what was happening, the scene, the emotions, the feeling of where we were.

Those film days of Speed Graphic cameras and “F8 and be there” have long sense been replaced with ever evolving and ever more immediate digital images. Images that instantly  get uploaded and shared across the internet and social media sites instead of hustled through a darkroom and processed by hand.

Yet we still must be there. For me, being there now means being outdoors, being in the woods, on the water, in the forest and fields. Being there when the first pre dawn flights of water fowl lift off from an icy river, being there when a fawn takes it’s first wobbly steps, being there when mother nature flexes her muscles and flings violent storms across the prairie.

While I have several other blogs about life in the outdoors, this is my spot to share those “be there” moments.

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